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Kommander Industries was founded by Steve and Brittanie Webster in 2008. Steve has been innovating and pushing the industry to the next level since the early 1990’s. His depth of knowledge and experience as a world-renowned mechanic and hull manufacturer, has resulted  in numerous world titles amongst PCW racers globally. Some recognizable names and brands that have hired and trusted Steve Webster/Kommander Industries to put them on the podium are Jeff Jacobs, Chris MacClugage, Raphael Maurin, Victor Sheldon, Steven Dauliach, Dustin Motzouris, Quinten Bossche, Marten Manni, Revin Harris, David Redinger, Tyron Motzouris, Factory Kawasaki, Factory Yamaha, and Factory Polaris. 


Kommander Industries has been building cutting edge aftermarket jet skis for the racing and recreational PWC industry since 2008, and was issued a Certificate of Manufacturing by the United States Coast Guard in April 2016. 


The latest, and most preferred, aftermarket hull is the Kommander GP1. When we introduced the GP1 in 2017, we set the racing world on fire putting more racers on more podiums around the world than any other brand. However, as engine packages continued to advance and speeds went into the stratosphere, hull design and manufacturing quality struggled to keep up. OEM manufacturers and aftermarket builders alike have struggled to maintain quality control in the manufacturing process that can keep up with the speeds and stresses of racing today, and the modern athletes that demand excellence from themselves and their equipment. Every champion knows that victory comes only to those who fight through every challenge. Pushing the envelope means taking risks, and suffering setbacks; but it never means settling and it never means giving up. 

At Kommander, we have not been immune to these problems. To keep costs down we previously outsourced manufacturing overseas, but in doing so we struggled to maintain control over the quality of manufacture to the exacting standards that a Kommander customer demands. Now, in 2023, we have repatriated the manufacturing process back to our roots in the United States, allowing us to maintain a detailed eye over every step of the production process of a Kommander product. Recognizing the need for better quality control, and wanting to set a new standard in our industry, we have raised the bar by hiring a team of engineers and marine composite specialists utilizing Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, and a vacuum infused composite manufacturing process. The updates made to the 2023 hull has significantly improved strength, weight, fit and performance. All materials are sourced from the USA and are of the highest quality.

Always has been, and always will be THE KOMMANDER GP1

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